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    The Maximus Brood started as a British Starcraft Clan in the year 2000, a group of friends and warriors who proudly serve together under the collective [MB] tag on Throughout the years it has adapted with the times, progressing from Starcraft to it's expansion Starcraft: Brood War and now Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. However the ethics of the clan has never changed, we promote good manner, good humour and welcome all players of any skill. If this piques your interest read down for a full history of Maximus Brood. It has been keep up to date for over 15 years and contains the writings of some of the most important members through our history.


    Foundation - Darklord[MB]

    The clan was originally founded in March 2000, with Psionic_[MB] taking leadership, joined by his brother, Artanis[MB], cousin Duke[MB], and his younger cousin InfestedTim[MB]. The original idea for the name came from the "Brood" idea of the Zerg, which is a sub section of the larger Zerg army. And of course it sounds pretty good! The clan adopted the tag [MB] which has since become highly recognized and infamous among the GBR-1 population!

    The clan enjoyed limited success in its early stages, recruiting a few members. Psionic_[MB] stopped playing Starcraft about 6 months later. However, Artanis took up leadership of the clan. This was also the time that the first in a long line of Clans became at a state of war with the Maximus Brood. The "Gamez" Clan incensed members with its dirty tactics, backstabbing and using cheats and hacks to win games. There then followed a turbulent period of channel take-over’s and heated arguments with the Gamez clan and its leader, Gamezmasta. On one of these occasions, a user called Stephen_uk joined in the argument having just been backstabbed by the Gamez clan. He quickly aligned himself with [MB] and became known as DarkLord[MB]. In the months that followed, Gamez faded away. However, in the autumn of 2000, The Maximus Brood also faced extinction, as Artanis[MB] and the other founders stopped coming on. Stephen[MB] set up his own clan, the _uk clan, in which he gained a lot of experience in leadership and the practicalities of running a clan. The clan rose to about 9 members, but was experiencing internal problems and was proving difficult to keep together.


    Birth of a super clan - Darklord[MB]

    In the beginning of the New Year, Duke[MB] reappeared and persuaded the other founder, Artanis[MB], to join up again. DarkLord was reluctant to leave his clan to join up, but after assurances that Artanis would not quit again, he rejoined. The clan slowly rebuilt itself, and with the collapse of the ""@sc"" clan, picked up several members including Kain[MB], Overlord[MB], Doom[MB] and GBrules[MB], in perhaps the most fruitful ever of its recruiting sessions. All became established members. WhiteDragon[MB] was also recruited around this time. He proved to be respected as the best player [MB] had ever had, and delivered some substance to previously idle threats. However, WhiteDragon proved to be a little unreliable and shortly after obtaining the second highest rank, joined the [ZoNe] clan, earning him condemnation from senior members. [MB] was proving unpopular with GBR-1, and became outcasts because they were not good enough at Starcraft. Rather than face the insults of the poorly house trained GBR-1 crew, the Maximus Brood set up camp in channel [MB]. With its established members, the membership steadily increased. In the spring, DarkLord decided to make a website for the clan, to consolidate the membership and to co-ordinate it. The original web site was christened "Mark I". This was to be the first in a long line of successful and not-so successful sites for the clan. During the summer and the beginning of Autumn, the clan had another major clash with a new Brit clan called [ZoNe], led by the incompetent War[ZoNe]. Bitter arguments ensued. A match was organized against Zone, and in a 3v3 battle, [MB] came off worse and lost the tie. This damaged morale somewhat, but Artanis and DarkLord rescued what they'd lost and more by beating Zone in a 3v2 match. [ZoNe] suffered internal unrest and its frustration and the incompetent leader caused it to collapse. The clan also organized a tournament, which was highly successful and saw DarkLord beat Artanis in an epic final showdown.


    Internal Strife - Darklord[MB]

    Having seen off [ZoNe], the clan was looking good. However, late Autumn saw a repeat of the previous year and Artanis lost interest and stopped playing. Duke[MB] and DarkLord[MB] became frustrated and late one night decided they'd had enough. Using the clan forum, they announced they were taking joint leadership of the clan, along with Kain[MB]. Artanis miraculously reappeared to defend his leadership, and a civil war ensued, with a few prominent members attempting to fend off the new leaders, howling that a change in leadership would spell doom for the clan. However, Duke[MB] held his nerve with DarkLord battered but close behind. The clan returned to normal operation, but with all the excitement, higher levels of member activity. All the members returned to the clan and it became united again. Artanis[MB] also rejoined, as a lower rank. The new leadership over saw the second successful tournament, after other attempts had previously failed. DarkLord[MB] again emerged victorious, defeating Physco[MB] with relative ease in the final. The end of the tournament saw several members leave the clan, including Physco and Storm, who have since faded into the MB history books. [MB] saw challenges from other smaller clans but was now far too big and experienced to be threatened by them.


    Dawn of a new Era - Darklord[MB]

    With the dust finally settled following the turbulent takeover of leadership, a fresh start began. A new website, Mark IV promised and delivered new features in 2002, and The Generals reverted back to a more understandable and popular ranking system. Duke[MB] also organized a new League venture, and DarkLord has pioneered the introduction of squads into the clan, which hold exciting and competitive prospects for the future. The Clan continued to be successful and cemented its place as the strongest clan in the history of Great Britain, to which even the most idiotic of GBR-1 had respect for. The Website also became a benchmark for all Clans to follow and admire.


    Bomb Shell - Darklord[MB]

    All good things must come to an end, and eventually, Si and Steve (Duke[MB] and DarkLord[MB]) decided it was time to step down from their leadership of the clan, mostly due to pressures from the outside world (yes, apparently it does exist!). Both players enjoyed long and prosperous careers on, spanning 10 years and over 1000 games between them. Both agreed to leave a finger in the Maximus Brood pie as external consultants to ensure that the handover of power to Kain[MB] as the new leader was a smooth transition. Steve also agreed to maintain the website. Kain[MB] immediately made some decisions at the top and re-organized the hierarchy to reflect the need for more support for the leader in recruiting and organization. A new top rank, Commander, was created, and three new staff employed as Generals to give the Brood a much more balanced and streamlined look. The clan continued on much the same course despite the unrest, and Steve developed another new site (Mark V) in May 2002, successfully pulling together all the bits and bobs which made Mark IV successful, and adding many useful new sections and facilities.


    Though at the top - Darklord[MB]

    Since becoming the soul Leader of the Maximus Brood, Kain[MB] has had a few troubles to deal with. A few miss-guided members saw an opportunity to undermine his authority in a bid to get more power within the clan. This started with OutLaw[MB], who quickly found himself an outcast having criticize and abusing the promotion system. It then continued with Artanis[MB], whose persistent offending left the Leader with little option but to show him the door. It was a sad and undignified end to a once glorious reign for Artanis[MB], but before we shed too many tears it should be remembered he brought on himself. Removing Artanis from the fold did much to stabilize the situation, and DarkLord and Duke re-emerged on, although DarkLord announced he was unlikely to come back to the Maximus Brood. It proved to be a frustrating time for Tournament and League systems, which suffered from people not playing their designated games and general lack of interest. There were also quite a few inactive members which had to be removed in a spring clean within the ranks of the clan.


    Reform - Darklord[MB]

    It was obvious that changes were needed to keep the clan on the straight and narrow, due to arguments which plagued the forum and general feelings of discontent within the clan. The stimulus for these changes came from quite an unlikely source. Artanis[MB] re-emerged from the shadows with some support from DarkLord[MB] and they staged a coup. It didn't exactly go very well, and pretty soon they realized it was perhaps not such a good idea. Their leadership had lasted around 24 hours, before a mass revolt left them with few options and had made their goals unachievable. DarkLord[MB] reinstated Duke[MB] and Kain[MB] as leaders and returned to obscurity for a while. Artanis realized perhaps leading wasn't all he thought it would be and also left the picture. Shortly after these events, after proving his worth in the period before, Crimson[MB] was promoted to Commander, forming a new trio of Commanders in the shape of Kain[MB], Duke[MB] and Crimson[MB]. Despite the turbulent few days, the clan seemed to come out of it stronger than before, and perhaps surprisingly there was more harmony and less arguing in the clan from this point.


    Holiday Season - Darklord[MB]

    The holiday season for the Maximus Brood began with more of a whimper than a roar, the calm following the storm of the violent and intense nature of the attempted coup. Due to holidays and other commitments, many regular members did not feature on Starcraft, and Warcraft III, a new Blizzard strategy game, sapped the Maximus Brood's strength of numbers in this period. Starcraft GBR-1 players rejoiced and heralded it as finally the end of the Maximus Brood. However, this was fantasy on their part, because things soon got going again online, with DarkLord[MB] returning to the picture, along with Guard[MB] who had been absent for a short while. Extra interest was pumped into a stagnant forum with the humor provided from a public forum. Membership remained fairly high during this period, although the percentage of very active members was decreasing A new league and quick singles tournament will hopefully stimulate more side action...


    The Next Generation - Darklord[MB]

    The clan remains as strong as ever, with healthy if not excessive online activity, and the league enjoyed great success during September, with over 100 fixtures being played. Squad tournaments and other activities also went reasonably well. Duke[MB] decided to call an end to his Leadership, citing his lack of activity on was inhibiting his ability to perform his duties. Also, his forthcoming departure to University casts doubt on his ability to remain in contact over the next few months. The spare leadership place went up for grabs, with Si recommending either Steve or Sephiroth[MB] to succeed him as the new leader. Steve turned down the opportunity, but Sephiroth took up the challenge and marked the beginning of career as a leader by organizing a successful squad tournament. A lot of new recruits and newer members are beginning to dominate the Maximus Brood's online presence, with the older hands more reserved and sidelined. It is clear that a new generation of the Maximus Brood is unfolding, and taking over from the older, wiser members, who are unable to continue due to the interference of that terrible thing, "Real life". Large amounts of activity on the forum and the enthusiasm of the newer member suggests this is not a bad thing however, and the old hands remain, leading by example and preparing the next generation for the future.


    Other games in [MB] - Mitsurugi[MB]

    With the clan progressing and growing on Starcraft in leaps and bounds and a new commander holding the reigns along with Kain[MB] the clan was in a stable position.

    Sephiroth[MB] the new commander, decides to use his sense of ingenuity along with his newly acquired power, to make a brave new step for The Maximus Brood.
    As we know Blizzards latest strategy game Warcraft 3 was now on the market, and some of the current MB members, old and new had purchased the game. In a gallant gesture that would make the clan live on for time far past the death of Starcraft (yes, contrary to public belief we have now to accept that this will indeed happen) Sephiroth[MB] decided to branch out onto new horizons and make The Maximus Brood its very own Warcraft 3 Side. Aided by Steve (formerly Darklord[MB]) in the making of the site, the Warcraft 3 group sprung out of the ground almost overnight, and was greeted on the whole quite well. There were a few hardcore members of the Starcraft group that were slightly bitter about this new side of the clan, and some even went as far to say that this change would tear the clan apart. Other than that the clan suffered little casualty and most of the “Bumpy part” was over with now both halves of the clan have to develop and discover a way to progress together.


    Conflict - Mitsurugi[MB]

    With the WC3 side of MB up and running with a sizeable roster of members, Sephiroth[MB] had become somewhat a shadow of his former self on the side of Starcraft. This was causing unrest in the ranks, as many people thought that an inactive commander wasn't a good thing at all, after promising and failing to keep active, Sephiroth was made an ex-member and went to concentrate on the Warcraft side of things. The two separate sites keeping the sides apart, the only reason they came into contact was because both sc and wc3 use the channel 'clan m-b' this caused much conflict between the two halves, as they didn’t associate with each other at all, in fact it was like two seperate clans living under the same name, newly recruited leaders Duke[MB] (reinstated) and Mitsurugi[MB] couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel where a solution to the problem was concerned. It’s still going on, the smallest of crossed words between two opposite members escalating into an oversized argument, there must be an answer out there, and the leaders of opposite halves just need to search long and hard.


    Changes - Savage[MB]

    Duke[MB] came to the end of his university break and had to return. Knowing that he couldn't go on Starcraft at university he stepped down as Commander and handed the position to ex-commander Kain[MB].

    With Kain back in charge alongside Mitsurugi it was obvious things had to change. This started with the Warcraft 3 side led by an inactive Malystryx[MB] (Ex Starcraft Commander Sephiroth[MB]). With the Warcraft 3 side quieting down and becoming more inactive, Kain and Mitsurugi took charge. Malystryx was demoted two ranks and Warcraft 3 veterans Defiler[MB] and Lego3[MB] promoted to lead the Warcraft 3 side to better times. Unfortunately it was harder than what it would first seem. The senior Warcraft 3 members, recruited by Malytsryx, rebelled against this change and arguing arose on the Warcraft 3 forum. This resulted in a few senior Warcraft members leaving. However there was worst to come. After the dust had started to settle, Malystryx returned and announced he was starting a new clan. Warcraft 3 members were slowly leaving to join his clan. This also sadly included Lego3[MB]. Defiler[MB] remained in Maximus Brood and set his sights on rebuilding the warcraft 3 side which was down to only twelve members. With the new clan support on Warcraft 3 recruiting was looking up. It now boast 17 members, and hopefully more to come and with the release of the Warcraft 3 expansion pack 'The Frozen Throne' things are surely looking up.

    Meanwhile on the Starcraft side mass changes were introduced with the promotions of Savage[MB] and the returned Duke[MB] to General positions and the demotions of long term members and Generals Doom[MB] and Bladerunner[MB]. Sadly Maximus Brood had to say goodbye to their long term clan channel Clan m-b. Due to the release of Warcraft 3 expansion and the Clan support, all the clan channels were reserved for it. The Commanders decided on a new Channel, Op M-B. There was more to come with the news about a Maximus Brood awards night coming up. After the awards had been awarded Kain[MB] announced he was leaving the Maximus Brood. It was a sad day for Maximus Brood to see one of its most loyal members and best leaders leave. Mitsurugi[MB] took the reins of [MB] with the help of Savage and Duke, hopefully he will take it onto a different level than ever before.


    Summer 2003 - Crimson[MB]

    Along with the arrival of summer, the Maximus Brood League was once again introduced and intended to last for the entire season. Unlike past leagues, this one exploded in activity, boasting almost 70 games within its first month. Who will be the victor when everything is said and done? Only time will tell…

    With Kain[MB] gone, it was apparent that Mitsurugi[MB] would encounter difficulty being the only Commander. As the past has shown, the one leader structure has not exactly been the best way to run the clan. Order needed to be restored. This order came in the form of Savage[MB], the 4th ever member to rise from the rank of Private to the rank of Commander. To add yet even more foundation, Crimson[MB] was promoted to General to form the ‘Two Commanders, Two Generals’ combination which will hopefully make for efficient running of the clan.
    One of the first changes made by the new leaders was the rebirth of the squads: Alpha, Bravo, and Delta. The squads remained similar to their previous selves, only changed by the introduction of new members. These squads will hopefully give all members a chance to play and enjoy themselves, not just players of a high skill level.
    The new Use Map Settings map, Volleyball has created quite a stir amongst the ranks of the Maximus Brood. Being one of the most popular UMS maps, a tournament has been created for players to show off their Volleyball skills. Although a date has not yet been set, it’s sure to be a great time.


    2003 autumn/ winter. Could this be the end? - Kain[MB]

    Between the summer and Christmas holidays much had changed. The squads yet again had been dropped because of lack of communication, dedication and willingness from each of the squad members to turn up to the battles. Mitsurugi[MB] left the clan as well as Crimson[MB] and Savage[MB], apparently on unrelated accounts.

    Maybe they needed a break from MB, or that they felt that the Mighty Maximus Brood's career was over and the old school MB spirit gone. Who knows?
    Kain[MB] had to rejoin to create a stable base, a secure foundation for the Clan to grow around. He installed Doom[MB] and Bladerunner[MB] as his new Generals, and gave them the task of “Recruiting Officers”. The members settled down, activity returned to normal and soon after there was a solid member base and activities such as 2v2 tournaments, clan wars with Vdp and a big 1v1 tournament.

    But just as everything seemed to be running smoothly disaster struck. Arguments unknown to the rest of the clan had been brewing between Darklord[MB] (Webmaster) and Kain[MB]. Based on his principles and equal opportunities for all, Kain[MB] decided to leave, as means of protest, and for the good of the clan.

    As you can imagine this caused quite an uproar and then to make matters even worse, ex member Vamp[MB] (Bulby[MB]’s brother), gained MAXIMUM access to the site! With the superior account Vamp took advantage of the confusion of Carl leaving to cause havoc in the forum by creating an account Commander[MB].
    He got rid of the general’s privileges (Doom[MB] and Bladerunner[MB]) and gave permission to some members to see red “Classified” posts (that was meant for high ranked members only). Statements, opinions and classified discussions of the hierarchy, were on public display, thanks to the newly acquired permission of Velcro[MB]. Unfortunately, the only opinion which as “classified” was Velcro’s, which as you can well imagine, he did not like.

    He largely spat the dummy, and left, (much to the relief of a lot of the clan), the only bad side, was he took recently rejoined Xiro and Red with him.
    Kain[MB], now “Carlos” with a Guest account, was powerless to do anything, with Doom’s And Bladerunner’s permissions revoked, Commander was in Full control. Carlos, luckily enough had Darklord’s mobile number and texted him for assistance. Thankfully, he responded and gave him full access to the site.
    Carlos started on the clear up process, and what a mess Vamp had left the clan in; Members deleted, Ranks changed, Permissions Changed. He restored order and gave Doom and Bladerunner their permissions back. Later on that evening Carlos, popped on to see how things were going, and to his amazement and disgust he found the site in a worse state than when “Commander” had control. Bladerunner had given full control to Mitsurugi and he set about destroying the site. Not only was half the clan base deleted, but again ranks, names, permissions and even site settings were tampered with. It took Carlos a good 2 hours to sort the mess out. He revoked everyone’s permissions to stop anymore tampering. He realized the clan was on a direct collision course with oblivion and if he didn’t return, the clan would spontaneously combust. Many of the much respected members also began to leave. Bladerunner[MB], Duke[MB], the recently rejoined Mitsurugi[MB] all decided to form a new clan called The Fallen. LoCuTuS01[MB] has given up his MB tag in order to return to be a freelancer.

    The future of MB was now looking unclear, even though many of the highly respected members had left, the remaining members were inspired to help out as much as possible. Doom[MB] was trying to restore order when Kain[MB] decided to return for the sake of the Maximus Brood. He then took control to his hands once again, hoping, together with the shattered and bruised remains of MB that it shall once again prosper onwards to the road to success. If it wasn't for the true spirit of the remaining members and the inspiration from the leaders, Maximus Brood would have died.


    Back In Business - Darklord[MB]

    Things looked bleak following the period of unrest at the start of the year. Membership was at its lowest point for a long while, and many of the clan's corner stone’s had gone, with members such as BladeRunner[MB] and Duke[MB] in a different clan. However; the remnants of the Maximus Brood rallied, and the clan was now rid of a lot of deadweight and had a very refreshing atmosphere to it. Now united, the clan could progress forward, and thanks to the wisdom and calming influence of Kain[MB] and Doom[MB], the clan was restored to order. DarkLord, the webmaster, accepted some of the criticisms and his part in the arguments at the start of the year, and all users were back to equal standings.

    Not long after these events, the clan started to recruit and members slowly returned to the clan. The Fallen never really managed to take off, despite the backing of some of the Maximus Brood's longest standing members. It finally collapsed around Easter. The clan now experienced a time of growth and relative prosperity and activity. New members were joining the clan, and it once again began to swell in numbers. At the end of Easter, DarkLord unveiled a new website for the clan with an entirely new look, and announced his return to the clan, starting from scratch as a trialist. Several other members returned; including Bladerunner[MB] and Metallica[MB].
    The clan also branched out to form a Diablo section, with a site of their own. After a trial period, Chazzy[MB] was eventually elected to lead the venture, and it formed a solid base of members from existing Starcraft Maximus Brood members, before becoming a fully fledged and independent wing of the clan.


    2004 – New Blood - Darklord[MB]/Soviet[MB]

    Following on from its recovery in the spring of 2004, the clan built upon its member base with an impressive array of new recruits. Not many lasted more than a few months, but it was impressive nonetheless. The clan also continued to change and adapt to keep members interested and the clan active as a community. The squads idea was developed, and members were split into 3 sections - the Terran Confederacy, Protoss Conclave and the Zerg Overmind based upon their favorite race. Although this idea still has some way to go before it is realized, it has a lot of potential.
    The leadership of the clan remained stable, which could only be healthy for the clan. Loyal and active members, such as ThaSpy[MB] and Bulby[MB], were promoted accordingly and became the second highest ranks in the clan. DarkLord[MB], Bulby[MB] and Kain[MB] developed a new ranking system for the clan to go alongside with the new squads idea. Furthermore, a very successful Awards Night took place.
    However, following awards night, the clan took a noticeable down turn in fortunes, activity drying up both on the site and battle net because of holidays, and perhaps the inevitable decline in overall activity on Starcraft and the shift to Brood War. Some members found the lure of the ever-growing VdP too much to resist, with their emphasis on skill rather than community providing some pretty rough rides for unwary Maximus Brood members. However, the clan remains in a healthy state and still easily the largest GBR, and quite possibly the only GBR Starcraft clan left.

    The end of the summer holidays in 2004 brought renewed activity for the clan. As summer turned to autumn Kain[MB], the current leader, under increasing pressure from his job and the demands of family life believed it was best to step down and handed the coveted position to ex-[MB] leader and webmaster of the time DarkLord[MB]. Kain[MB] will always be regarded as a true MB legend; he guided us through the darkest of times and without him it is certain that the clan would not be here today.
    DarkLord brought with him a new vision for MB. Although clan activity was good, the recruiting of fresh blood for MB was significantly slower than previous times. The demise of the Internet community’s interest in the ageing Starcraft, and rumors that Blizzard had abandoned the game, was also a problem. These major problems were fixed with an ambitious switch to Brood War, Starcraft’s Expansion Pack.

    A new ranking system, featuring only two squads – namely ‘Rage’ and ‘Fury’ – and a new ranking system to accompany it was introduced by DarkLord[MB] following an awkward problem the previous three squads created when organizing tournaments and to allow the full potential of the squads to be unleashed. Newly appointed Lieutenant-Generals Soviet[MB] and Funkymunk[MB] were given permissions to recruit members and perform other administrative tasks to help dispose of the recruiting problems and assist GoD[MB], ThaSpy[MB], Bulby[MB] and DarkLord[MB] in the management of the clan. Over Christmas MB’s second awards night was held. This time in conjunction with a map making tournament. The event, like the previous, was a great success thanks to the time and effort spend organizing it, leaving many members eager for the next occasion.

    As the problems that had restricted the growth of the clan gradually dissolved into nothingness DarkLord believed he had served his purpose as leader of the clan and decided it was time to move on. DarkLord saw fit to resign his position to the three generals, now commanders GoD[MB], ThaSpy[MB] and Bulby[MB] in recognition of the time and effort they have put into the clan. It is not often that two such great, perhaps the greatest, leaders of the mighty Maximus Brood resign their position within months of each other, however, the fresh new blood that MB has found in the form of new recruits, mostly foreign, have added to the multinational status of MB. Along with new commanders in conjunction with the upcoming release of a major patch for Starcraft that plans to introduce some major new features will, in time, lead the clan to prosperity.


    World Game Tour success - Soviet[MB]

    The spring brought the arrival of patch 1.12 for Starcraft: Brood War. The patch, apart from adding a range of new features to the game, generated a new interest in the game for many older players and it may have been responsible for a huge increase in the number of members in the clan. So much so that you can log on nearly any hour of the day and expect to find a member of the clan online, the updated ranking system has so far coped exceptionally well with the new members.

    The near doubling of the clan's size brought problems as well as prosperity with several members causing unrest in the forums; this wasn't helped by disagreements with certain ex-members. Part of the problem that the clan faced lay in the creation of a serious World Game Tour team by the newly appointed general StrayBullet[MB].

    The creation of our WGT team also gave those members who wanted a more competitive atmosphere in which to play a place where they could do just that. After competing for several weeks in the WGT clan league we were placed a very pleasing and very close second to [DB] (to who we lost 3-2). Our score of 5 wins to 1 loss is respectable and our team is looking foward to the start of the next season, even with the unfortunate loss of the team leader StrayBullet[MB] who has decided to give up the game following problems with the patch. The team has been handed to RaGNaRoK[MB] who we are sure will do a good job managing and organizing the clan wars.

    July also saw the clans fourth awards night. The turnout could have been better but it picked up a lot towards the end of the night. Those who did turn up had a good time all the same. I, for one, am looking forward to the next one.

    Quite a lot has changed for the clan during recent months. It is impossible to say what is in store for the clan over the course of the next year or so. Only time will tell.


    2005 – Early 2006. The Legend lives on - God[MB]

    Over the course of the last few months (late 2005 to early 2006) the Maximus Brood has experienced one of the hardest times in its history. The troubles arose when a bug fix drew Steve's attention to an old thread concerning him and sparked a debate in the classified section of the website. Eventually leading to the 'termination' of the website. A temporary website was hastily thrown together then replaced by the shell of new permanent version after a short while. Prior to the termination of the website Bulby[MB] stepped down as leader; to focus on her University studies, allowing Soviet[MB] to join GoD[MB] and ThaSpy[MB] at the top.

    The new website, now under the domain name has been coming along nicely after only the few months of it been set up. Various features are still missing but they are all in the works. The new webmasters Soviet[MB] and Sam[MB] (Formerly Savage[MB], who had rejoined MB the day after the old site was terminated) have done a great job in the limited time they’ve had.

    Despite the chaos left behind by Steve, MB’s members still managed to soldier on and stick together under the leadership of GoD[MB], Soviet[MB] and ThaSpy[MB], this paved the way for MB to have more success in the World Game Tour; coming second in their division (division 4c) and therefore earning a promotion into division 3 for next season.

    Regular events and tournaments organized by GoD[MB], RaGNaRoK[MB] and Sam[MB] has kept activity of the members high and given some welcome competition among the members.

    Having fought off competition from the Gamez, [ZoNe], @sc, TE) and VdP] clans, the Maximus Brood clan is still here and going strong after 6 years (astoundingly, over 5 years of which Doom[MB] has been with us!). The clan’s 6th birthday (1st of March) brought about a huge celebratory gaming night, well attended by all.

    With the amount of members in the Maximus Brood knocking on the door of 50, it’s hard to see if the clan will ever end...


    2006 Spring - Savage[MB]

    Since the last history entry, Spring 2006, the clan has been running smoothly with some changes, but no major arguments, internally between members or externally with other clans. Members are as friendly as always, and this period (Spring 2006 to Summer 2006) has been a relatively peaceful time in the Maximus Brood’s history.

    Clan tournaments and wars with other clans have proved to be successful in this time. GoD[MB] implemented A and B teams around May 2006, this has done even more to provide activities for members and with hopefully its entry into the WGT clan league, there will always be something for all members to participate in. Whilst the B team was being created, the A team was competing in division 3 of the WGT clan league and although they just missed out on promotion to division 2, it was a very positive season for the A team.

    Along with the Clan wars for the A and B teams, several tournaments have been organized, one of the most notable was the “Marathon Tournament”. This was a series of different tournaments, spread over 5 nights, with a overall tournament winner. After several nights of tournaments, RaGNaRoK[MB] arose as the marathon tournament winner for 2006, and hopefully the tournament will become a annual thing. Another tournament that came from this is the “MB Elite” which is a long running tournament which members can challenge the “MB Elite” for the title of the best current player in the clan. RaGNaRoK[MB] held this title at first due to his marathon win, but Enivid[MB] took it from him and successfully defended it countless times before eventually losing out to Argutaris[MB]. The “MB Elite” tournament is still running and has attracted a lot of interest from all members.

    At the beginning of Spring, the member base was very strong with a huge amount of 50 members, however since then there has been some high-profile departures. Firstly came Commander Soviet[MB], he had been inactive for some time due to other commitments and decided it was time to step down from the highest rank in the clan. Whilst Soviet wasn’t the most active Commander MB had ever had, he certainly kept the clan running with the website he had created to replace Steve’s. MB owes Soviet a lot of thanks. Another sad loss was Det0n8or[MB], Tim was recognized as one as MB’s most skilled members however having come to a point in the clan where he felt he couldn’t progress, he decided to take a administration job at clan uT). Tim didn’t always contribute or take part in clan activities as he could have, but he undoubtedly added to the clan whilst he was in it, and will be missed.

    Along with these high-profile losses, there were also lots of inactive members of this time, which had to be removed from the clan. Whilst this would normally wouldn’t affect the clan because of new members arriving, it did at this time because of a surprise low amount of new recruits. Member turnover was getting rather stale around June 2006 and is only now starting to pick up. The active member base is currently hovering around 40 members, which is still quite healthy.
    Also around this time, interest started to arise around Diablo II, with several members starting to spend time playing it. The decision was taken to create a Diablo II side of the clan again which would be run rather more casually than the Brood War Side. Sam[MB] set up a website for them to use and Vamp[MB] was installed as head of the Diablo II side, with the Brood War leaders having the overall control of both sections of the clan.

    There are several things planned for the clan in the next few months, including the new WGT clan league season, more tournaments, awards night and hopefully a influx of new exciting members. With the summer holidays fast approaching and exams coming to a end, MB’s future is looking very bright and this summer will hopefully be one of the best MB has ever had.


    Turbulent summer/autumn period 2006 - RaGNaRoK[MB]

    At the start of the summer vacation 2006, GoD[MB] Decided that it was time to leave the clan and step down as a commander. He appointed three new Commanders: Bulby[MB], Sam[MB] and RaGNaRoK[MB]. ThaSpy[MB] stayed on as a Commander to ensure that this transition happened smoothly and that the clan kept running as it should.

    A few weeks after being appointed Commander, Sam[MB] decided to leave the clan, as he felt he did not have enough time for the game anymore. Though he did decide to remain as one of the webmasters for the clan.

    The awards night took place in early August with an acceptable amount of members online even in the quiet of mid-summer. ThaSpy[MB], Bulby[MB] and RaGNaRoK[MB] were the organizers for this event. Shortly after this ex member Sam and his cousin (also an ex member) Horror formed a new clan called Brother Hood or (BH), they tried to recruit some members from MB this resulted in some arguments on the clan forum between Sam and Horror and MB members upset about people leaving for BH. The result was Sam deleting his guest account and leaving Finn as the only webmaster. What is also worth to mention here – BH didn’t last long, and most members came back to [MB], asking for a retrial…

    As September began and the summer drew to a close Bulby[MB] decided that blizzards newest game WoW took up too much of her time to carry on as a commander for MB, she therefore moved to the fairly new Veteran rank. The day after ThaSpy[MB] decided that he also did not have enough time to continue commanding MB due to his time being spent on WoW and Poker, and retired from the clan. This left MB with just the one Commander RaGNaRok[MB], a situation the clan had not been in for some time now, RaGNaRoK[MB] decided that something had to be done and appointed two new Generals: Dokandre[MB] and Mass[MB] and a Lit General: Argutaris[MB] to help RaGNaRoK[MB] run the clan. Now that summer is ending the activity of the clan is starting to pick up.
    The WGT CL Season 12 was a good season for the A team With 7 wins 2 losses and equal pts as top 2, but still we didn’t manage to advance to div 2 because we lost to both teams in the mutual clan war. The B team with Dokandre[MB] as Captain did a respectful season with 4 wins and 5 losses, with as many different players in the lineup as possible.
    To rise activity of all members, RaGNaRoK[MB] implanted the “MB inny” day. It’s a fun event that takes place the 2nd Saturday each month. Or, used to take place…
    With the member base at 40, it’s again a good start in the autumn for MB.


    Ending of 2006, beginning of 2007, summer - RaGNaRoK[MB]

    The names in the history book are always changing. No exception was made. Many changes came to MaximusBrood in this period… First of all what should be mentioned - the high ranking officers, who are the heart and the brain of the clan. RaGNaRoK[MB] decided that it was too hard for him to handle the clan alone. The previously appointed General, MasS[MB], was promoted to the second Commander at 2006 October. Argutaris[MB] was promoted to General and Dokandre[MB] has stepped down his rank in this period, became a veteran. He thought other games took too much of his time, so he began his earned rest, and kept playing few UMS games from time to time, and still is. Dok’s B team duty was given to Chewits[MB] (Captain) and thebOy[MB] (Vice Captain), and they handle it pretty well I may as well add.

    Here comes 2007. RaGNaRoK[MB] still thought that it was too hard for him to handle out the situation together with Mass[MB](let us remember that he still is the A team captain), so 3rd Commander was appointed - Chobo[MB]. Soon after that, ThaSpy[MB] wanted to be, and was reinstated to General to ensure that the transition would happen smoothly and that the clan kept running as it should. You all know Martin, no need to introduce him. Read other, earlier history chapters. Soon after that, at July, he was promoted to the 4th commander due need of help. A new feature was added to the “MB-Elite”. That’s were Enivid[MB] comes up.

    If you hear this name first time, here goes. Slowly, rank by rank, he went up in the clan. He was promoted to General for his loyalty at this period. Enivid isn’t a very talkative member, but he always turns up for clan wars and tournaments, he does enough of effort for being a General, and no one shall question that. About the Elite…

    Anyone could become the “Elite” of the clan, and there were many changes and challenges during this time. “Elite stone”, the new claim to fight for, is the stone which is given to the best holder of this rank - the person who survived biggest amount of challenges, and it’s still our Enivid. Argutaris had 35 of total challenges; he needed only one win… But, didn’t manage to get that precious stone. 1 game was in need.. Well, almost doesn’t count in StarCraft. The way of Dark Templar is deep within Enivid[MB]. May he be example to all of us.

    Argutaris[MB] took up the league handling during that time. Previously, league had no real point.. People just played for fun, or didn’t notice the winners. This had changed. Seasons were instructed. The first and second place most point holders get their profiles edited, and it is quite a thing these days. Duration: Season 1 2006/11/10-07/01/10. Season 2 07/01/25-07/05/01. And soon to end Season 3 07/06/01-/09/16. The system had stabilized, and all further seasons will be clear.

    Soon after 4th Commander addition, he stepped down the ranking page and became a Veteran, but kept helping the clan in a silent way, like the Dark Templar. Argu had reached his highest rank within the clan, in his opinion…

    Nothing interesting is happening at this point. Rag is playing 2v2 with Eni, Mass spamming melee games in, Chobo sometimes on sometimes not... League activity dropped a little, but soon got over it and was played. Higher ranking promotions were made, and clan senior half had became more active. Evolution[MB], Officer[MB], Gene[MB], VaMp[MB] all sticking together with 2v2/3v3/4v4 games, like old times. Even some legendary Veterans come online from time to time, Like Doom[MB], Anonymous[MB], Bulby[MB] to check things out.

    Summer is beginning, and activity is not too high, but not too low. Member base is 70, but active member base is around 50-60. So, there are 4 commanders, around 50 loyal members, 2 teams which are both doing quite good, as for [MB] principles, “Elite” fights are running a lot (every1 wants the stone), league is very active and competitive, many members got promoted, also many members got kicked or moved to guests, etc. Every1 just living their lives, with not too much effort to do any new stuff or changes. Clan is active (for summer time) and everyone is happy. Just wait when summer is over and all our members come back from vacations…

    A team advanced to div2 last season, with 8 wins and 1 loss. B team became more competitive in WGT CL, and we are also fighting for a promotion in BW CL. Iccup, previously known as “Abyss - the hacker paradise”, had reorganized and renamed. It’s quite a good server now with same rank system as it was in PGT, seems to be a nice place to stay. [MB] had created a team there, thank you to Chewits[MB], but no future plans currently are discussed in this matter. By the way, ICC are also hosting money prizes in 1v1/2v2 tournaments and clan league (1k $).

    [MB] also had a few bad moments in this period. There was an attack on our site, and a hacker infiltrated in our ranks…
    Well, he was not actually a hacker, he just used tweaked ums maps for his advantage, but still.. Fox used few same maps countless of times, and got quite a strong reputation of the “gosu” within lover rank members, and only an echo for the senior ones, until he met Argutaris[MB] in a game. FoxHound[MB] was a clever child, if he managed to use tweaked maps for that long, you cannot deny that. Fox would have gotten away with everything and even be using that map longer, if not one mistake he made. Argutaris[MB] was a very good rusher of 2 gateways in PvZ (Because he cannot play anything else in PvZ to be honest), countless of rushes Argu made, Protoss should know how fast lings hit!.. Sorry, but fast attack lingzergs in 3-4 minute game is not quite possible..
    The attack on site was countered, the “gosu” was banned, few new members were recruited to slush the scandal, and the legend lives on – happily, with no problems, meeting 2008.

    In the end of 2007, there was some trouble in leadership of the clan… Commanders where mostly inactive, and Generals weren’t doing anything. All the work was on Argutaris[MB] shoulders, although he had resigned from his responsibility. At one point, there was a sense that [MB] is holding on only because of him… So finally, by a decision which was not contradicted by any one, Argutaris[MB] was reinstated from being a Veteran and promoted to Commander, while Mass[MB] Chobo[MB] and ThaSpy[MB] stepped down from their duties.

    Let us see what names shall go next year. Let us see what new universe [MB] shall discover.


    2008/2009 - A Turbulent Time, But Optimism For The Future - HuK[MB]

    As always with [MB] we had a turbulent year. We made a great start actually and with our solid MB-A team we did very well in both BWCL as WGTCL playing in their second division and only just missed the cut to go to div1. Sadly with this our MB-A members lost a bit of their motivation being so close to their goals. This resulted in that we didn’t have a good line up the last half year and getting demoted from both divisions.

    Furthermore we had some website problems, which was mastered by Finn (Soviet[MB]) crashed leaving us with some serious problems. Luckily Steve (DarkLord[MB]) decided to lend us his old MaximusBrood site till we have fixed our latest site. Currently we are still on Steve's site and we thank him for that. It’s too bad be lost MB-Elite and Squad Wars but who knows what the future will bring us.

    In 2009 we had some significant people step down or move on. We did see a lot of players leave [MB]. Ragnarok, ThaSpy and Chobo decided to step down. MasS, Mascot and Jeck slipped into inactivity and Enivid, Morrow and Bonyth left for ex-v1o) and NrT. These players were cornerstones of the MB community and their leaving left a great dent in our motivation.

    With Argutaris[MB] now the only commander with his newly appointed generals: Tmoica and Huk at the wheel it became obvious that the clan needed a new spark. Huk[MB] got promoted to Commander and so the work load was split. With some great initiative by our members we made a comeback after having only 25/30 active players to at this moment having 40/45 active players.
    Mainly through endurance and determination we are yet again thriving!

    Our goals for the future are:
    Getting a worthy MB-A team again and do well in division 3 at BWCL and WGTCL
    Play a lot of friendly wars to improve our "B-Team"
    Try to keep the group together and slow down on the rotation of members.
    Celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our clan.
    Try to keep events following up on each other, like MB-Tour / League / Show matches.

    There shall not be an end to the mighty [MB] tag, for our strength is eternal.


    December 2009 - October 2010 – Starcraft sequel brings a revolution - Respire[MB]

    This period of this clan's history could be seen as the most revolutionzing epoch so far. After being an ”BW only”-clan for several years, the sequel to Starcraft was finally knocking on the door. When the beta got released in February/March the leaders (Commanders HuK and Argutaris, together with Generals Respire and VaMp) realized that the clan had to start discussing the future. The introduction of Starcraft II forced us to start considering if we should transition in the sequel or stay BW. A lot of members were playing the beta and it was quite obvious that a lot of them would also focus on the game when it would get released. Once again, MB was about to become a multigaming clan... sort of.

    With the approach of Starcraft II beta, December 2009 til around June 2010 became one of the most active times the clan ever witnessed. The member count steadily increased and at one point we hit 80 members (including veterans). Not only was it fresh meat, but also lots of old school people appeared to become an active part of the clan once again. Not only were they playing SCII beta, but BW also became active, having 8-10 members online pretty much regularily. Tournaments were hosted, clanwars aswell, and MB-A was getting some fresh blood aswell. Glorious times indeed.

    It was at this time that commander HuK[MB] decided to step down due to IRL issues, giving commander post to Respire[MB]. HuK's hard work and love for the clan is appreciated and will never ever be forgotten. After reaching the top, he can now see himself as a legend in the great historybook of Maximus Brood.

    Then came the time when Starcraft II finally got released, end of July. This is so far the biggest revolution in MB, with a lot of the members leaving BW in the past and moving on to the future. Thanks to dedicated BW members, though, MB kept going strong in BW for another couple of months, after finally starting to decrease once again. The new planned MB-A for BW got scrapped, there were not enough active members and not enough motivation. The BW-side of our clan started to fall apart. At one point there was some light of hope – another clan called JST wanted to merge with MB. This could've been the resurrection of MB-BW, sadly both clans lost interest and the merge never took place. Is this the end of MB-BW, a 10-year-long journey? In a longer aspect it certainly is, but there are still some forces, namely TheTrooper[MB], who's working hard to keep MB alive on ICCup. I give him appreciation and I'll support him as much as I can.

    The positive part is that MB is as strong as ever, but in SC2 instead of SC1. The former MB general and Dreamhack tournament champion Enivid[MB] re-joined our clan once again. A lot of other oldschool people became active again, long-standing members aswell as former commanders such as Ragnarok[MB] and ThaSpy[MB]. A lot of the new people who joined before the release of SC2 are now very active in the game. A lot of discussions on how to improve our wonderful community took place, whereas one of the reforms was an IRC channel created by Deathroll[MB] which became sort of a meeting point for SC1 and SC2 members. The competitive section of the clan is also starting to show itself, as we're about to join a couple of fresh Starcraft 2 clan leagues.

    Being a commander during these revolution-flavoured times has really been interesting and challenging, and I wanna thank not only the other leaders in the clan for putting their trust in me, but also everyone else in the clan. The community is not build just by the leaders, but it's actually the average members that play the biggest role in keeping the great atmosphere and clan spirit we have today. With one old and one new commander at the rudder and a force of 60 great members, Maximus Brood is gonna stay strong for a long time to come!

    A new decade!


    October 2010 - October 2014 - Huk[MB]

    After the previous period on which Respire wrote, Starcraft II really pounded our community. Leaving us split in two sides. The younger generation who were full of ambition wanted to make the step to Starcraft II leaving the SC:BW scene behind. Some of the older member were satisfied with leaving everything the way it was. This made it hard to keep everyone together.

    After some time the more skilled players in the clan found an sponsor for themselves and wanted to play with combined tags. Without wanting to mention this sponsor we decided that it was not in the best interest for the clan making things commercial. This action did make 3 longtime members leave to search life as a progamer. Enivid, Stone and Morrow went on to bigger things. Enivid eventually came back and slowly fell into inactivity.

    Pretty soon after this Respire[MB] decided to step down as commander after a great year. Under his leadership we had to stop recruitment at 110 members because it was impossible keeping track of everyone. MB-A team finished second in BWCL and promoted to Div A in iccup. All and all went well. But remember that Starcraft II was taking flight. At this point Huk[MB] was reinstated as commander together with Argutaris[MB]. Sadly after some time Argu slipped into inactivity though he still kept track of the clans future. So Huk was alone at the wheel for a long time. 2011 came and went.

    2012 the effects of a growing sc2 community started to show. A rapid decrease of members as a result. Some effort were made to switch games to sc2 or even dota and LoL. But nothing really became solid. From 110 member at the end of 2010 to about 40 members in 2013. Old time friends still used the [MB] tag and were a solid base of this clan. Eventually the clan was like a home for members popping in and out. Talking on the forum and playing some games.

    In the beginning of 2014 some members started to play some more games and also some came back from Starcraft II. Remembering good old day of SC:BW. So we started reviving the clan more and more. With a good mix of old and new players we are making Maximus brood a home for many again. Lets all enjoy this community and this amazing game!


    Summer 2015 Revival - Savage[MB]

    So it had finally happened, Maximus Brood after defying all the odds through the years had eventually slipped into inactivity. Starcraft: Broodwar was a graveyard and Starcraft II was struggling to compete with the new kid on the block, MOBAS.

    It seemed as though there was no future for [MB] until a few old relics reentered the frame. Karnage[MB] along with Skillz[MB], decided on a whim to remake the clan on 2.0. They were eventually joined by one of the original founders, Artanis[MB] and activity started to gather some momentum, there were suddenly players playing under the [MB] tag once more. They were eventually joined by Savage[MB], Duke[MB], Horror[MB] and Tjokkie[MB] to name a few. Along with some new recruits, this nucleus of players suddenly had much larger plans. A tournament was held for the first time in years, growing by participants each week, the tournament became known as the "Sunday Night Cup" and was proving to be popular amongst the members and some old friends.

    With the imminent arrival of the final Starcraft II expansion a new website was set up to give the team the best possible chance of succeeding once more. This website took [MB] into a direction it had never seen before with an emphasis on the community as a whole, rather than being isolated from it. There is a long road ahead, but could this be the most unlikely of comebacks? 


    Winter 2015 - Transition to Legacy of the Void - Savage[MB]

    With the release of the final Starcraft II expansion, the growth of Maximus Brood continued from the summer period along with the of the whole Starcraft II community. The new expansion brought renewed interest in the game and Maximus Brood was able to benefit from this with some proactive recruitment. New members are joining at quite a consistent rate, whether this is old friends returning or totally new faces. The new members have brought improved activity on all platforms, Battle.Net, Teamspeak and the website forums.

    With the launch of the expansion, Maximus Brood held a season ending cup to finish HotS with some fireworks. All members were invited to participate and the finals eventually saw Savage Defeat Tycho in a tight best of 3 match. The tournaments didn't end there though, continuing with the Sunday Night Cup on Legacy of the Void, season 4 got underway with fOru defeating Nittai in the finals to take the first LotV SNC! The tournaments will continue to be held every few weeks with different formats being used to keep things fresh and exciting for players.

    Maximus Brood also began organising clan wars for the first time in many years with the first war ending in a victory for Maximus Brood when they matched up against TAW. More clan wars are being organised for the future with the ultimate aim to join some clan leagues and compete on a consistent basis.

    Maximus Brood also started to feel the benefit of using teamspeak, something which it hadn't done in its history before. This enabled members to communicate not just while gaming but also while watching big tournaments. Several members chatted Starcraft II for hours on end while the WCS grand finals took place and the new service is giving players an additional layer of communication which Maximus Brood had not seen before.

    The team is now in a good place to keep pushing on and improving and with Starcraft II getting more attention than it has for years, things are looking bright.


    Winter 2016 - A Year In Review - Savage[MB]

    The new year continued as the last one had finished. The resurgence of activity within the SC2 scene enabled MB to flourish with anything up to 50 members being active and it wasn’t unusual for there to be a hive of activity on both Battle.Net and Teamspeak.

    Several events were continued from the previous year including the Sunday Night Cups which were organised into a WCS style format with an overall winner for the series. Going into the final tournament, Savage was top of the leaderboard and seeded #1 for big finale and was able to advance to the grand final before being stopped by Arias who took a 2-0 victory in the final. Savage had still earned enough points to be crown the Season 4 winner but Arias had won the digital trophy everybody sought.

    Nittai had used his initiative to start a Thursday night training session which was very popular amongst members and gave everybody an open forum to share builds, strategies and develop their ideas.

    Clan wars also started to be organised with increasing regularity with MB entering two teams into the SC2Improve league. Both teams struggled within their respective divisions partly due to the standard of the opposition being higher than expected and partly due to disorganisation within the league itself. At the end of the season neither team had managed to progress to the grand finals but both were respectable in a mid table position. The decision was taken at the end of the season not to participate in future seasons due to the disorganisation and to look for alternative leagues.

    As the summer approached activity within Starcraft 2 had started to decline and as such MB struggled to match the recruitment numbers of earlier in the year. Active members such as Arias and Nittai also started to become less active due to interest in other games and real life commitments. Due to the reduced numbers events such as the training evenings and tournaments became less viable to run and these eventually died out.

    With a smaller roster MB joined the Alpha SC2 Teamleague for season 6, as an alternative to the previous SC2 Improve league, with just the one team being entered on this occasion. This smaller, more focused roster consisting of players such as fOru, Florujin and Snow to name a few were able to advance to the season ending playoffs in the Euro-Amateur league with a record of 9-1 and top of the group. This was an especially impressive achievement as Savage rotated the team and always included at least two diamond players in the 4 man lineup whilst other teams lined up with 4 masters players.

    During the playoffs Maximus Brood defeated the French team “Whats Your Game” as well as old foes “Mind Gaming” to advance to the grand final. The grand final would prove to be a step too far for the team as they faced “REGENERATE”. MB had previously defeated ReG in the group stages but ReG were able to run out 3-0 winners in the grand final. It was still an incredible achievement from the team who had performed well beyond expectations.

    One of the highlights of the teamleagues during this period were the casts provided by Savage and Fluffy, who were quickly nicknamed the Infested Terran by some members of the community. After the drama of the Alpha SC2 teamleague, activity for MB continued to decline and eventually petered out towards the start of Autumn. Real life commitments had rendered Savage a reduced influence whilst the other half of the Infested Terran duo, Fluffy, had decided to start casting for other teams. Several members continued to play under the tag but with few events motivation was reduced.

    As the end of the Year is now approaching and Starcraft 2 is coming to an end for another year the future within not just MB but also the Starcraft 2 scene as a whole is unclear.

    The Korean scene within Starcraft 2 has taken a massive hit this year with tournaments largely being locked off to Korean pros which has made it economically impossible for many pros to continue playing as they were. Several teams have recently disbanded due to the collapse of proleague and a large number of pros in Korea left without a team. The foreign scene has however been helped by the locks put in place by Blizzard, but one can’t help but feel that the overall quality of the Starcraft 2 scene has diminished over the previous 12 months.

    MB has struggled to find a place within the Starcraft 2 scene since the end of the summer period. The release of LotV brought a lot of casual players back to the game and MB has traditionally put more emphasis on recruiting good people, whatever the skill level and tried to become a viable option for the more casual audience. With the exodus of the casual player on Starcraft 2, this hit MB hard and the LotV resurgence for MB may have now had its life.

    The promise of upcoming patches for Starcraft 2 could yet prove a salvation, but for now there is still a core group of players who still wear the tag with pride, even on a fairly casual basis.

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