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    Argutaris was a strong Protoss player with a unique sense of humour. Popular amongst his peers, he was a member that went from the bottom and rose to the very top of clan, commanding the clan for a period of time. Eventually he chose to move on when his activity declined, we wish him the best for the future.



    The legends say that this man was born in 1984, July the 31th, I however, believe that the man known as Andrew ”Artanis” Harris was born in the year of 2000, because this was the date that Maximus Brood came into exsitence.

    Artanis is one of MB’s founding fathers, starting the whole with just a small pack of friends. Together they cultivated the clan into what it is today. Even though the clan broke apart at the end of BW, Artanis would never leave behind his ”child”, so he and some former teammates got together and gave life to the ”new clan”.

    Never was he known to be the greatest team member on MB skillwise, but he was always to be found on TS, giving out friendly banter, challenging other players to 1v1 matches, and playing various custom and team games.


    Dom's history with the Maximus Brood is long and many 'old school' members remember him as a good friend and active member. Dom's first stint in the clan was also his longest, his hard work and loyalty eventually leading him to the rank of general. He was also a member of the break-away clan formed in January 2004 namely 'The Fallen'. After the death of the fallen Dom dissapeared for several months and since then he has had several attempts to return to the clan. Unfortunately these renewed attempts at clan life were hampered by poor activity. Dom has finally 'hung up the cd' and left the clan on good terms.



    Cat has been associated with the clan for many years now and has earned her place in the very heart of the Maximus Brood. Her friendly personality and unique sense of humour endeared her to all her follow members. Unfortunately as with most members, she chose to move on when real life intervened, we wish her the best.



    Rob had been one of MB's long standing members, working his way up from the bottom to virtually the very top. He was a very well mannered and level-headed individual.

    He was a gifted player, a great tactician and very capable with all races. Im sure somewhere in his great and long history he has been nominated for varies awards and i daresay won quite a few.

    Unfortunately Rob quit playing Starcraft, but we wish him well in the future in what ever he decides to go on to do.



    Ivan has had a long history with the clan, he first joined back in 2001 as Storm[MB] but has left and rejoined a few times since that time. Ivan was a strong player which sometimes caused issued when he clashed with equally skilled members. He plays all the races to an excellent standard, but his preferred race is Protoss. Whilst not all of Ivan's time with the clan can be considered a success, in the end he eventually rose to lead the clan and departed on good terms and rightly belongs amongst other legends.



    Our Canadian friend Crimson secured his place as a Maximus Brood legend long before he managed to rise to the ranks of leadership in the clan. Joining the clan at an early stage, Neil was always a colourful character and a popular figure in the clan.

    Crimson was the first foreign leader the clan has ever had. His brief spell as leader of the Maximus Brood is testiment to the loyalty and commitment he showed to the clan.

    Now moved on to fresh adventures, we remember Crimson as a good friend, a funny character and a skilled player. We hope his achievements will inspire the foreign players in the clan to believe that with the right attitude, anything is possible.



    Steve had been with MB right from the very start and arguably the clan wouldn't have been as successful as it was without him. He worked his way through the ranks, leapfrogging a couple with his efforts, earning the whole clan's respect and eventually landed at the top. He lead the clan for quite a while with 2 other members. Winner of numerous awards, and nominee for countless others, Steve is truely a fierce warrior. The creator and writer of the first websites we have ever had, which probably spanned over a decade of use. He has been tireless and dedicated in his role to make MB's the best website in all of Europe. Each and every site has improved on the last one.

    Steve instigated the move from SC to SC:BW in what turned out to be a masterstroke, leading MB to several more glorious years. He also fixed the recruiting drought and picked up activity. Being one of the best leaders MB has ever seen everyone was sorry to see him go.



    André was with the clan for a long time and will always be remembered as one of the friendlist members MB ever had, we wish him well.



    Colin had been with the clan for longer than many can remember. Origional recruited "back in the day" following the demise of the "@sc" clan, at the same time as Kain[MB] and his brother GBrules[MB], Doom has proved to be one of the Maximus Brood's most loyal and active members on Being one of the clan's most deadly players, a capable hand with all races, he was always one of the fiercest of foes for all members and moreso opponents.

    In his quiet way, Colin sets an example to all, an excellent member and one of the corner stones of the clan that can always be relied upon. Although he mostly keeps his opinions about the running of the clan to himself, Colin was always be relied upon to keep a level head and was always there to support tournaments and other clan activities.

    After the clan experienced a period of great turmoil and unrest, Colin remained loyal to the clan and was promoted to Leader in the period of confusion and unrest that followed. This was one of the clan's most difficult periods, but his joint leadership with Kain[MB] proved to exert a calming influence over the whole clan which helped returned it to a period of expansion and prosperity.



    Enivid was probably one of the most talented members we ever had. He focused on the Protoss race and rose to the very top of the European scene. He helped the clan win many wars in team leagues such as WGTCL and BWCL but also achieved many individual honors including but not limited to finishing 2nd at Dreamhack in Winter 2009. 

    He wasn't only a talented player but was also very well mannered, he eventually left to take up a position on a sponsored team. We wish him well.



    Mikkel will be remembered amongst fellow members as the Talker; The one with the talent on the microphone. A fantastic Terran player, dedicated to Maximus Brood.

    Fluffy was a strong Terran Diamond player, winning many Sunday Night Cups and becoming a key player within the teams efforts in the SC2Improve League.

    Fluffy developed an incredible talent for casting games, with his brash forwardness, he never held back from making a comment. Fluffy left the Maximus Brood to cast for another team, but as Artanis told him, "Fluffy, looks like you've caught the Maximus Brood fever. A serious case. Untreatable. It affects your loyalty, emotions and life... forever! I think you'll always be a Maximus Brooder!" Despite departing, Mikkel remains a key part of the team.



    Graham is one of the longest standing members MB ever had, and unlike other older members, his membership remained practically constant since joining around six months after the Maximus Brood was formed. Graham had always been around the clan since then, but recently his internet problems and reluctance to move to BW made him decide it was time to go. We wish him well for the future!



    Dave was a very longstanding member and whilst he never had the activity needed to real the upper echelon's of the clan he was always a friendly guy who would provide a calm head when it was needed through thick and thin. We wish Dave the very best.



    Jim was recruited in the spring of 2003 and proved to be one of Maximus Brood’s best ever assets. Jim was well known for his friendly nature and this almost certainly helped him to obtain the rank of Commander before he stepped down in June 2006 after being in the clan for over 3 years and being Commander for 18 months of them, which is not a easy thing to do.

    Jim’s leadership style wasn’t your typical; rather than be strict with all members and try to give off a tough image, Jim encouraged them to take part in clan activity and tried to include them in all games and tournaments. This had a very positive effect on the clan as a whole. However, when a member does break the rules, Jim didn’t hesitate to sort it out and think up a relevant punishment.

    Jim’s main race on Broodwar was Protoss, however he could handle all the races in the game with relative ease. Jim prefers to play team games to the very competitive 1v1 games however he always proved a challenge to all players in any game type that he played in.

    Jim is a Maximus Brood legend and ranks among the all time greats, and when MB finally dies, people will remember Jim for his humorous and friendly nature.



    Infested Tim is brother to Duke[MB], and used to be a pivotal figure in the clan, before moving on to other role playing games. Tim still sometimes returns in fits and starts to Starcraft and [MB] for short periods, we remain appreciative of the important role he took is cultivating the clan in its early stages.



    Kain is the truest of all Maximus Brood legends. His greatness has exceeded all others before him and will live on in the hearts of our members for years to come.

    Carl had been with the clan since its infancy, seeing it prospering at its peak, and during bitter feuds of low times. He was never afraid to step into the mire to bring order to chaos and certainty to uncertainty.

    Although he was leader for nearly two years in total, it is not only his leadership abilities that the clan recognises and salutes him for, he is and was also a friend and a great character as well as a commited and skilled player.

    When children settle down for their bedtime stories perhaps they will hear of the Mighty Kain, once leader of a great clan, sort after by many and seen as lethal on the battlefield by many others. The name Kain will never be forgotten, and we hope one day the legend will return.



    Only proud owner of the ”420” badge on TS.

    Karnage like his personal friend Artanis never played Starcraft 2 seriously, they used the game for what they found fun, dicking around.
    This does by no means imply that Karnage was an unskilled player. Time and time again would he destroy new members that did not know, that zerg didn’t always have to be macro orientated.

    The admin we all need, but not the admin we love, is the guy sitting on the forums recruting and being the PR voice of the ”company”. This is the kind of admin that Simon ”Karnage” Wesley was.

    Karnage, while not often a loud spoken person, has always been a ”friendly” man, I the writer still remember the first words I heard on TS, which funnily enough came from Karnage ”Sup bitch boy”.



    Rob was one of the very best British Starcraft players, and on-top of that was a great asset to the clan outside of games, being highly active on the site and good at man-management, as the success of his new clan Vulgar Display of Power has shown. Formerly leader of the Starcraft Elite clan, Rob also has great experience of

    Unfortunately, his skills and potential were not appreciated by all within the clan, and Rob left to become leader and founder of the VdP] clan. Since then, this has become one of the top GBR Starcraft Brood War clans. Lynx's humour and undeniable skill have earnt him this place amung the Maximus Brood's legends, as one of the best players that it has ever had, a visionary perhaps ahead of his time.



    MasS[MB] joined MB following some of his good friends Ragnarok and Enivid. Mass was a talented player with the Zerg race and represented the clan at a high level. Whilst he was never too involved in the management of the clan, he was always on hand to play his part during clan wars, tournaments and whatever else involved actually playing the game!



    James aka Mitsurugi started from the bottom in the Maximus Brood, and right from the start always expressed his aspirations to reach the very top. Mits was part of a second generation of new members to the clan, and always showed potential and drive. Eventually, he reached his goal and become Commander of the Maximus Brood. He subsequently left the clan, having gained the respect of most of its members.

    Later, Mits rejoined the clan a couple of times in what were brief and disasterous spells. It was clear he could not adjust to not being a leader, and his outspoken opinions caused arguments and distruption. Later, in a general argument over site management, Mits inflamed an already bad situation by damaging the contents of the site and messing up the rank system, and in doing so betrayed the trust of everyone in the clan. In time James was remember for the good that he brought to the clan rather than the bad, and we wish him well.



    Nittai first joined the clan just around the release of the expansion Legacy of the Void [2015 november]. He quicly bonded with the leaders: Savage, Artanis and Karnage. More importantly he created a holy trinity of 3 new traines: fOru, Fluffy and himself, a friendship that would lounge Nittai into becomming a coach to everymember of the team, always happy to give insight and tips.
    The three of them competed against each other to be the first master player, driving themselves to be the best they could be.

    Niittai ended up being a vital member of the team, by contributing not only in being a kind and helpful, but also starting the first practise sessions where everybody on the team could come on teamspeak and get help with their play. 

    However fun gaming may be, work and social life eventually caught up with Nittai and therefore he had to leave the team, but not before being well liked and known as a man who’d help anyone who’d ask. 



    The original leader of MB, Dave has well and truly been consigned to the history books after his dissapearance from consistent clan activity many years ago. Responsible for leading the clan well in its very early stages and also for the name of the tag we all bear so proudly, Maximus Brood.



    RaGNaRok was one of the best players MB had, focusing on the Terran race Rag was always to be relied upon in clan wars. He eventually went on to lead the clan and really helped push MB into the mainstream towards the end of Brood Wars life. What really made Rag stand out was his 2v2 partnership with Enivid, they very rarely lost a 2v2 series and were always trusted to be able to get us that extra 1 point from a tough clan war.





    Sam has been an integral part of Maximus Brood since 2005, helping to build and develop the clan as well as lead the team during the resurge of 2015/2016 on Starcraft 2. He was key to developing new websites after the departure of Steve "Darklord" Hart, helping create some of the most glorious and visually inspiring designs the team has ever seen.

    A key player in Maximus Brood, Savage moved into the higher echelons of Starcraft 2, gaining Masters status with his Zerg play in 2016 and becoming Maximus Brood Champion 2016 by defeating Tycho in the MB Season Cup Final.

    One, if not the greatest Maximus Brood member to ever grace the gaming world, Savage has kept the tag MB moving forward.



    Lee, brother of Karnage, was one of the founding members to the tag [tMBt]; after [MB] fell into abandonment by it's previous owners on Starcraft 2. His endurance and loyalty ensured Maximus Brood continued on Starcraft 2 long after it had been left to wreck and ruin. Some would say SkillZ kept to his post, holding the torch in the dark alongside his brother until others returned.

    A great Protoss player, SkillZ lept into the Platinum league. Even though losses came, he never lost his cool, remaining defiant in the face of adversity, SkillZ has gone down in the Maximus Brood history books as a legend. 



    Law, a previous commander of MB, took us onto new things by making a success for MB on Warcraft 3. He was only the third member to rise to Commander from the bottom of the ranking system (after Kain and Crimson). Law always injected a great deal of enthusiasm into the clan with his tireless effort and was responsible for organising some great events as Commander.

    Law eventually went on to make his own Warcarft III clan, The Blood Pack which was very successful for the few years that he focused on it. Law also went on to work for gaming companies and SK Gaming, covering events and providing his analysis under the alias Malystrx.



    Commander from October 2005 to May 2006.



    Martijn spent a number of years with MB and whilst he was a talented Zerg player his other contributions were very valuable to the success of the clan. He helped lead the clan during difficult periods as well as supporting the clans website financially and even helped with the coding for a period of time. Being one of the more mature members Martijn was always around to provide a level head when it was needed most.



    Mike like Chobo[MB] has a long history with Maximus Brood. Being in the clan at various points throughout its history Mike has had both good and bad times during the clans life. Like Ivan the good eventually overcame the bad and he became a reliable member within the clan. Mike was well known for his mass gaming and he could always be relied upon for a game at most hours of the day. Mike eventually moved on when MB's activity dropped. We wish him well for the future.

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