Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

As first of our members in StarCraft 2 we have merged members of legendary Maximus Brood, a team that has tradition of 17 years long. I would highly recommend to search more about them on our forum on this site.

As for further plans for our StarCraft 2 team is, since StarCraft 2 is now free to play, we and Blizzard are hoping that community will be bigger and that the game will grow stronger so we would use our opportunity to recruit more new members and make this organization even more active.

Every week there is an in-team tournament that is being organized for all the players that are interested into it, some of the matches will be getting streamed and also there is a reward for the winner.

To sum it up, what do we offer:

    Friendly atmosphere
    People to play / practice with
    Free Coaching
    Weekly tournaments with rewards

If you are interested into joining our StarCraft 2 team, or maybe you would like to know more, i would recommend you to visit our official thread on forum: